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A Ring to Remember

I'm still getting giddy once I remember the day my boyfriend for eight years proposed. Five years after the proposal, I can still savor that elated moment that every girl wants to experience. Seeing the ring in my right hand's ring finger always reminds of that sweet moment - a sweet memory.  On the other hand, the ring that wraps my ring finger on the left has the sweetest memories ever - my wedding ring. Ohh...forgive me of my sweet thoughts I haven't got a dose of sweets for like two weeks now. Someone please give me a bar of my fave chocolate. Anyway, to neutralize the sugary thoughts, I wish I had my college ring in between. Definitely it'll bring back my college memories - something that's really worth remembering. I guess I might have something like the class rings from joyjewelers.com soon. This is actually something that I really wanted after I graduated from college but due to lack of resources, it remains on my wishlist. Hopefully I can have one this Christmas.
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