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Reduce Travel Tax for OFW Dependents

Are you travelling the world from the Philippines? One thing that you need to settle before leaving the country is the travel tax. I know, many Filipinos including me wish that this tax should not be imposed to travelers. But it has been implemented even before I was born. So what is really a travel tax? According to Tieza's website, is a levy imposed by the Philippine government on individuals who are leaving the Philippines, as provided for by Presidential Decree (PD) 1183. A full travel tax for first class passenger is PhP2,700.00 and PhP1,620.00 for economy class. For an average Filipino like me, it's quite pricey. Overseas Filipino Workers, diplomats and airline crew members are exempted from paying travel tax. For complete list of travel tax exemption visit Tieza's website. For OFW dependents did you know that you can apply for a reduce tax? I have applied for this before, when me and my son was traveling to Kuala Lumpur three years ago. And now, we're able to avail this privilege again. A standard reduced travel tax for dependents of OFW is, PhP 810.00. To apply for a reduced travel tax for OFW dependents, just present the original copy of the

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