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Montessori Teen Board

 photo ten_boards_iii_quantity_zpsyw2rkaei.jpgI have been reading a lot about the Montessori teaching, and right now it seems that our home will be leaning towards montessorri approach. I have no background of teaching at all, but I know it wouldn’t be a pain if I bring Montessori to our home. Thanks to the bunch of resources available online, it gives me a bunch of ideas in teaching the Montessori way. Why Montessori? I know friends who send their children to a Montessori school, but I don’t know how Montessori works at all until I stumble upon a Montessori blog by a fellow homeschool mom who happens to be a Montessori teacher. So, reading the blog, I was impressed by how she teaches math to her students. The materials and strategies caught me, that I wanted to apply the same teaching approach to my children. I like how Montessori translates factual to abstract as It gives children an idea how things are structured, rather than just memorizing it. And so, to kick off Montessori at home, I did a DIY ten boards to teach my boys the linear counting. The original ten board looks like the image below. [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="409"] photo from

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