Fun & Excitement at Sunway Lagoon

It was a long weekend last week due to the Chinese New Year Celebration. The family was invited by Jay & Zai to have fun at Sunway Lagoon. Yes you heard it right; the whole family went to sunway lagoon including our two months old baby Z and his tita aina. Sunway Lagoon is a premier theme park in Malaysia which offers adventure, excitement and entertainment. It is located in the Bandar Sunway, Petaling Jaya, totalling of 80 land acres. There's a lot of way to enjoyment at sunway lagoon. Get amuse at the amusement park where great rides are waiting for you. Let your muscles be stretch as you do your favorite swimming stroke at the water park and let your scream be heard at the extreme & scream park but don't get wild if you enter the wild park. Yes thats all in one place. Sunway Lagoon is also known as Malaysia’s first integrated themed resort which offers its visitors the expediency of a 5 star hotel and a shopping mall right next door.
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How to Register a Foreign Child Born in Malaysia

I recently gave birth to my first baby in Kuala Lumpur. My husband and I was already living in Kuala Lumpur as an expat the whole time of my pregnancy. We have gain information on how to register our new born through the help of our local colleagues and some Filipino friends. This is my way of sharing to other moms what they have shared to me. Take note that Birth Registration shall be made within the next 14 days after you give birth. From the hospital where you gave birth, a form Daftar Kelahiran (registration of birth) will be provided to you by the hospital. Just fill in all information needed. Note that the form is in Bahasa Melayu. In the hospital where I gave birth they don’t have English translation form, I don’t know with the other hospital in Malaysia if they provide English translation form. In our case, we have asked our local colleagues to do the translation, there are also online translation resources which maybe a good help. Next step would be, to submit the form to Jabatan Pendaftaran Negara Malaysia (National Registration Department Malaysia). Submit the Daftar Kelahiran Form together with Borang Pengesahan Kelahiran (Birth Confirmation Form)

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