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How to Homeschool your Child in UAE

 photo download 4_zpsgnat4icr.jpg[caption id="" align="alignleft" width="198"] photo from: http://springscharterschools.org[/caption] Homeschooling is emerging among the Filipino Community here in UAE and recently I've been receiving questions on how to homeschool in UAE. So I thought of addressing the question here (on the blog) to reach out to Filipino families in UAE who are considering homeschooling. So, let me start by defining Homeschooling. Basically, homeschooling is where parents take the responsibility of their children's education. Learning, mostly happens at home, but it is not necessarily confined to the four corners of your home. Sounds interesting? Then let's look at some frequently asked questions on how to start homeschooling. My family decided to homeschool our children, how do I start? For Filipino families, there are two ways to homeschool our children in UAE. The first option is to enroll in a DepEd accredited provider that offers support for overseas homeschoolers. Some providers have curriculum to follow, others give you the freedom to choose the curriculum that fits your children, this include local & US curriculum. You can also expand the curriculum according to your children's interest and learning style. Official Credentials will be carried out by the provider, which a homeschooler can use should he decide to enroll in a regular school in the

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