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Personalize Your Baby and Toddler Gift Towels

thumbnailAmong a wide variety of gifts and d├ęcor, you can find something adorable as well as functional when you choose personalized hooded towels for a baby shower, birth, or at an older age for a birthday, holiday, or any special occasion. While the infants or toddlers will enjoy wearing and parading around in such a creatively-designed towel when it is dry and before their bath, after the bath it will help to dry them off including their hair while under the hood. The hooded towels are super soft and luxurious in a plush terry, are of a generous size, and are appliqued with minky velour on the hood and edging all the way around! One-of-a-kind customization can create artwork designs by professional designers, or you can add a child's name or monogram. The gift is finished off with free gift wrap. Some examples of the styles are: Black and White Heart Infant Hooded Towel Cute Elephant with Star Balloon Hooded Infant Towel Baby Giraffe Hooded Infant Towel Cute Elephant with Star Balloon Hooded Infant Towel Mermaid Toddler Towel with Rainbow Tie Dye Toddler Hooded Towel with Cars Baseball Team or Basketball Team or Football Team Toddler Towel Bright Butterfly Toddler

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