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Homeschooling Support Group

 photo IMG_58901_zps54snbsgb.jpgI become a member of a homeschool group even before we dive into this journey. In that group, although it was virtual, I saw how homeschooling parents, especially the veterans, unselfishly shares their experience in homeschooling. That small act serves as an encouragement to newbie homeschoolers like me. They were willing to help even if it cost them time and money sometimes. I remember a mom who organizes a storytelling event for the little one for free. And a homeschooling mom in US who took an errand to buy homeschool materials for few homeschool moms in the Philippines, and generously accommodated it into their luggage to transport it to the Philippines. (Some parents chose to buy materials from US and it would be a lot of savings if they know someone who can bring it to Philippines instead of hiring the service of shipping companies.) Small acts of kindness yet, it blesses people. That, I think, is one definition of a support group. When I attended the Homeschool 101 in TMA, they have also emphasized the importance of having a support group or what they call a coop. So, when we arrived here in UAE, along with our adjustment, I

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Hello Homeschooling!

 photo edc81f93-d25c-4f9f-9157-70a7a7cbb0e3_zpsucqfy2hx.jpgWe are having difficulties of finding a school for our preschooler in Dubai. I can't believe that most affordable schools are filling in fast. International schools are expensive and we cannot afford to send our kids to such school. And so, we are sticking to our second option which is Homeschooling. I have been wanting to homeschool Zoe, but I needed to work full time, so we send him to a conventional school. This time, we'll get to homeschool him once we landed in Dubai. Last week, I was able to attend the Homeschool Intro at The Master's Academy. They're the pioneer homeschool institution in the Philippines and they've been around for 16 years now. I've learned about TMA through our church, CCF being it's founder. Homeschooling in the Philippines is supported by Department of Education. Article IV of the 1987 Philippine Constitution decrees that the quality of education should be made accessible to all Filipinos, including self-learning, independent and out-of-school study programs. And as long as the parents are a degree holder, you can homeschool your kids. As TMA defines, Homeschooling is an education where the parent creates an ideal climate for their children to achieve success. This climate

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