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Homeschool Global Dubai | First Educational Field Trip

 photo 14203169_10208247749124487_7220764832725930527_n_zpsd7hsm7dq.jpgHomeschool Global Dubai families are growing. It's good that they've finally reached this part of the world and make homeschooling easy for us, OFW families. The coop has started few activities for our kids and recently, we hold our first educational field trip to Sharjah Dessert Park, where our homeschoolers were exposed to the wild life of the Arabian world. This was my boys’ first zoo visit here in UAE, a very timely activity for my homeschoolers as we capped off our lesson on animals. The field trip was held at the Dessert Park, located in the outskirt of Sharjah last September 3. So, you see, this is a late post. Thank God, I finally had the time to post about the trip. We visited 3 attractions, the Arabia’s Wild Life Center, the Natural History & Botanical Museum and the Children's Farm. Our first stop was the Wild Life Center, I guess this was the highlight of the field trip. The kids were in high jinks; I saw their bright faces as we explore the place. We got them on a zoo scavenger hunt, for an extra fun learning. The hunts were geared around what they learned in science. Unfortunately, photography is not

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