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Things you should not do at the Dubai Metro

I was at the metro yesterday when suddenly  a lady from RTA came and check "nol" cards. While she was checking, she was talking to the lady on my front. I can't understand what they're talking since they were speaking Arabic, but the tone of their voice seems like they are arguing of something. Then, the RTA lady point to a sign printed on the wall of the train. It turned out that the lady passenger was chewing a gum while on board, which is prohibited. She was then apprehended and most likely would be fined. Everyday I use the metro, but I don't really know all the stuff that are prohibited inside the train except those that are printed on the walls. Do you know? So I did a research and thought of sharing it. Read on, to learn about the things you shouldn't do while on board theDubai. Operating or using any security or safety system such as the emergency exits unless it is essential to do so - Dhs 2000 Destroying, sabotaging or tampering with the systems, tools or seats of public transport modes - Dhs 500 Using of fake Nol Cards - Dhs 500 Sleeping in passenger shelters

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