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Citizenship of a Child Born in Malaysia to Foreign Parents

In the advent of computers and the World Wide Web, it is no doubt that the internet has become a great source of information. It has become a powerful tool for researchers and even to ordinary people like me seeking information on something. I have written a blog post on how to register a foreign child born in Malaysia a year ago. And I am glad that the post somehow helps people (especially fellow Filipino) seeking information on the latter matter. As the author, I try to answer their questions as long as I am knowledgeable about the question. A fellow Filipina asked about the (would be) benefits of a child born in Malaysia. And that motivates me to right this post and I hope (just like the other post)this would become interesting and informative. When my friends learned that I gave birth to our first child in Malaysia, instantly they thought my baby is a Malaysian Citizen. Unlike in United States, a foreign child born in Malaysia does not automatically obtain Malaysian citizenship. Malaysian citizenship is obtained by blood, hence to obtain Malaysian citizenship one of the parent should be a Malaysian Citizen. In other circumstances, a child born

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