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5 Ways to Make Your Chain Link Fence Look More Attractive

181[caption id="" align="alignleft" width="300"]Chain link fence material is one of the more secure ways to protect your home and property. It is sometimes overlooked due to the fear of having the home look too industrial, or business-like. This is a small problem that can be dealt with a few ways that are budget-friendly, but effective. Below are five simple ideas to make your chain link fence more inviting and attractive. photo from www.doityourself.com[/caption]         Add a Splash of Color You can lose the more business-type appearance of chain link fences by using a product that is coated with a polymer material in a variety of colors. It can add a dramatic look to your property, while still providing a sturdy form of security. Strategic Plant Placement A little creative gardening can help disguise a chain link fence. Plant flowers, smaller flowering trees, and shrubs to distract eyes from the view of a stark metal fence. You can make the exterior area of the fence look like a complete oasis. Privacy Slats A relatively inexpensive way to decorate a chain link fence is by using privacy slats. These can be inserted through the chain link mesh in an

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