What to do when your baby fall?

I remember the first time my baby falls off the bed; He was under the care of a nanny and I can’t concentrate on my work as I keep thinking of him. Why did he fall? How did he fall? How was he? Those questions were running on my mind while I tried to keep myself calm in the office. Thank God that he was well and nothing serious happened to him after that fall. Now for the second time, the little one fall off the bed again. This time, it was me who was looking after him. I feel guilty about this since he fell off the bed while I sneak to check my mails and facebook. I rush to pick him up and

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Baby’s Day Out: Lake Garden

Today the little one had his first day at the park. Hubby and I bought him along to Lake Garden together with few KL Pinoy Photography buffs for a Product Shoot. This was baby Z’s first day out in a park. Along with the excitement I was actually worried about insect bites since his skin had been reacting badly with insect’s bites so, I did not forget to bring along insect repellent to protect him from the bites.

sneaking from his stroller's window

While I was busy with the shoot, Hubby and the little one took their time exploring the park. During the early stage of the shoot, I can still see them within the shooting area but as we go

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The Little one’s development

He is nine months, two weeks and one day old to be exact. This month is promising for our little one since he has quite a lot of new skills to show off. Early on his ninth month, he was able to stand while holding on to furniture. It goes on as he continues to experiment by not holding on to furniture while he is standing and trying to balance himself. Eventually he can now stand on his own without support for 5 seconds; so far that’s the longest at the moment. He can walk on his crib using the frames as his guide and can walk for a short time with support on both hands. Along with the standing skills is sitting down skills.

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Way to Biting

teething moment

On his eight month his first teeth finally showed up. Two teeth on his lower central incisor popped up together. This makes him drool morethan the usual and started to bite his bottle’s teats, pacifiers and even his and mommy’s fingers. Good thing that he don’t get fussy and he don’t refuse to eat and drink his milk. Perhaps he is not in pain and its just a good thing.

see that new pearly white teeth?

Teething normally starts at six months. This makes our little one a late bloomer since he had his first two teeth on his eight month. Once baby is teething it is expected that they will feel discomfort as his

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Play Time with your 8 months old baby

Eight months is a transition stage. This is where the baby learns different skills. From Holding a piece of food with his fist closed to dropping and picking. And from kicking up to jumping and a few steps with support. At this stage, you may start playing with your little one that will help develop his senses. Play visual game. A simple peakaboo or hide and seek will help him understand that even if you leave him, you will still be back right away. Play Audio Game. Playing with squeaky toys will help develop his sense of hearing. Know that babies love to be surprise with unexpected sounds that’s what makes squeaky toys their favourite at this stage. Give him stacking rings toys. This helps

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When do babies get their first teeth?

Did you know that 1 out of 2000 babies is born with teeth? Yes that happened to my husband nephew who was born last December. But the doctor extracted it since there is a big chance that it might break and the baby might swallow it. The average age for baby to have their first tooth is from 4 to 7 months. However, there are also babies who won’t get their first milk tooth until 18 months. Our little one is already 8 months but he doesn’t have teeth yet. However, I can already see 2 white cup along his cut teeth which means before he turns 9 months he will have his first teeth. He is a late bloomer since he already passed the

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Curiosity at Seventh

As he grows he is meddling on things around him. He grabs everything that he sees as long as it’s reachable, and if he got it, he will examine it for a while and instantly it will land in his mouth and I will be repeating my dialog “no! that’s not for your mouth!’ while pulling it out from his mouth. He is now starting to get curious on thing s and even people around him. He’ll be staring for quite a while if there is someone unfamiliar to him. Pulling someone’s hair is also his hobby and as usual he will put it in his mouth as if it’s a food for him. At the moment he’s got more to add on his milestone.

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