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Anxiety Attacks

The past weeks, I have been worrying a lot. It’s my health that caused me to worry a lot. Waking up at wee hours with arms & legs numb, difficulty in breathing and palpitation at times. I am so afraid of getting sick because I have 2 boys who are still very dependent on me. They’re still toddlers. Going through this anxiety, I realized that God was working out an attitude for me. I woke up in the middle of my sleep with my arm numbed and had difficulty of breathing. I prayed that God would help and heal me. I tried going back to sleep but my head can’t let go of the fear; thinking this might be something serious, so I get up again, grabbed the tablet and found myself googling. When I found out that what was happening in my body was quite normal, that even healthy people might experience, I get a relief and was able to get back to sleep. The following morning, recalling of what had happened, I realize that I don’t fully trust God. The fact that the information I got from the internet has calmed my winding mind rather than trusting that

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