Gratitude Journal for 2015

Happy New Year Everyone! I am hoping and trusting that everyone will have a fruitful year ahead. Setting up few goals for this year for me and my family, one of which is to increase my drive to self improvement both at work and as a mom & wife. I have also decided to boldly count my blessings this year and so I am turning my SB Planner to a Gratitude Journal to archive every thing that I am thankful for. So, how do you see 2015? Have you got your list of goals for the new year?  

Sixth and Counting.

Six years ago, I took Mr. Z to be my partner for life and promised to give him my heart and walk with him hand in hand living, learning and growing in love together. I am so glad that we are celebrating our sixth years wedding anniversary and what makes it more special is that he is here with me to celebrate this memorable occassion. He works overseas that's why being home for our sixth is such a big deal. The past six years may not be a bed of roses, but I am glad that we have passed through rocks together. I know there are more to come, and I pray that as we sail through and learn life better our love triangle with

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Zoe’s 4th Birthday | A Bet on Your Baby Experience

Zoe has been telling me he wanted to celebrate his 4th birthday at Bet on Your Baby (a cute-kiddie game show aired on channel 2). So I did a researched and found out about their birthday club and although it was not totally intentional, I emailed Zoe's picture. After two days I received an email from them, asking for my son's details and was told to just wait for instruction. And just before I forget about the first email, I received an invite to the December Birthday Club Party at ELJ Center via email. The said event falls exactly on Zoe's birthday and so, his wish of celebrating his birthday at Bet on Your Baby will finally come true. On his birthday, we have to

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Finally took the boys for a new do. I would not done these had I not noticed Zian's hair was trimmed and found out it was the yaya who willfully did the trimming. "Mahaba na daw kasi". And so, here are the tot's hair cut bonding moment. I'm glad that Zoe was friendly to kuya barbero this time. He use to be cranky before but this time he opened up a conversation by the telling kuya barbero that his birthday is coming very soon. Hahaha!

The little Japanese

United Nations is celebrated on October and Dee Hwa Leong Academy just celebrated it last friday. Zoe was a Japanesse kid. This was remarkable for me, since this is the first school activity that I get him to dance on the stage for their class presentation without a fuss. There were two major school activity that the little pre schooler did not went up the stage for their class presentation. That's why I was happy this time seeing him excited for their presentation. I took a video of the dance presentation however the file is huge and I am having a hard time uploading it in any social media & storage site so I will not be able to share it here. My little Japanese

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Oh Hello Dentist!

The boys visited the dentist last week. It was Zoe's second time and Zian's first visit to the dentist. Zoe was 2 years old during his first visit and it was unsuccessful. Perhaps he was not that prepared since I started introducing him to the dentist a week before our visit.  At that time some of his teeth were already cavitated.  The pedia-dentist advised me to undergo sedation if ever we would go for a treatment. The dentist was very good in educating me about the procedure, however I don't want my kid to be sedated. Aside from the expensive cost of the procedure, I am not sure if there are underlying side effects of sedation. And then little over six months after the first

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The Happy & Sad Face

    The Sad Face  The Happy Face  Hubby send me these images he captured while talking with the kids on skype. Our eldest Zoe came up with a little creative idea showing his  dad happy & sad faces out of his thomas & friends rail tracks and stack rings. I just find it brilliant for a 3 year old.  

Class Suspension Guidelines

Here comes the rainy season again. It irks me to have the little boy go out in the rain (of course with rain coat and umbrella) to get to school. Having school year opening in time with rainy season is soo inconvenient. As we are anticipating the arrival of tphoon glenda, I was glad that DepEd has suspended classes earlier than expected. So the little boy had extended time on the bed this morning. I had to keep myself updated as i am not too familiar with the classes suspension being a first time mom of a preschooler. Thank goodness the social media kept me updated and gotten me this suspension guidelines from dep ed. Stay safe everone!

Uniform on the Second Day!

I did not let him wear the uniform on the first day, but since most of his classmates were on uniforms on the first day, he went to the school in complete uniform on the second day. OMG he really is a school boy now! He was well and had not separation anxiety which is a good sign. I hope he will do well at school.

Visited World Bex 2014

After a couple of years that I haven't visited this once a year exhibit, I finally had a chance to check out what's new in the construction industry. I've noticed that there are quite a large numbers of  exhibitor this year or perhaps it the same last year, I don't know; I wasn't there last year. I saw familiar faces and almost the same suppliers as the past exhibit. What I like the most are the number of good and efficient innovations for small spaces like condos which is trending as of the moment. I didn't stay that long, as I suffer from leg cramps while roaming around the exhibit area.

What’s that little thing that would make me smile?

photo from I've always loved accessories. It's that pretty little thing that would make me smile. And just last week, I got myself a pair of earrings as a replacement to the multi-colored vintage earrings whose other pair went missing after the boys had played with my jewelry box. They wanted to wear them too. LoL! I normally buy my accessories at the jewelry stores at St. Francis Square and SM accessories. There are variety of jewelry selections depending on your budget. I also want to check the jewelry stores in salt lake city I heard there are stores that offers custom jewelry design at an affordable price. I should really check on them. How about you? are you in to accessorizing?

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Music at Work Place

It's good that while our minds are storming for efficient designs, our ears indulged with soothing good music in the background. I love it when we play music while our team face the challenge of the day at the work place. Thanks for that surround speakers all over the office, I wish we had that same exciting loudspeaker at home. They said, music is the strongest form of magic. It can change peoples' emotion, it touches our soul. My day will be dull without music! So lets enjoy music while it last!

National Day of Prayer

Today, the President Aquino declared as National Day of Prayer. It's called "National Day of Prayer, One Nation in Prayer". It is good to have a leader that believes in God and the power of prayer. 2 Chronicles 7:14 says "If My people who are called by My name will humble themselves, and pray and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin and heal their land" We've been in various catastrophic incidents this year, so as one nation, let us seek God's divine intervention to heal & protect our land & people. So wherever you are today, let us join simultaneous prayer at with the President and Malacañang at 5:00 to 5:00 PM.

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Toolbox| It’s not just for dads!

Had some Handy Many task today. My personal Handy man is not around and so I should say thank you tools for making my task easier. I am not a handy man, but sometimes you'll see me hammering and fastening screws, It really helps a lot having a good and complete hand tools at home. If you wanna have a set of tools check out Reid Supply. They've a wide variety of tools; from hand tools to power tools. I know this is not a stuff most mom would want but it's worth having them around on your tool box. It's not just for dads, it's for mom too.