How to Encash SSS Maternity Reimbursement Check

I got my Maternity Reimbursement Check from SSS two weeks after filing for reimbursement. Mr. Postman had it delivered to our house. The following day I went to the bank to encash the check. The issuing bank was the Philippine National Bank, so I went to their nearest branch in our area. Upon entering the bank, the guard asked what transaction would I be doing. Upon telling him, he then instructed me to have a photocopy of the requirements.

You need to have a photocopy of the following:

Check issued by the Social Security System
2 Valid ID

After having the requirements, I queued and waited for my number to get called and there I was able to get my SSS Maternity Reimbursement in cash.

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  1. mische says:

    very helpful. thanks.

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