Ways to Avoid Urinary Track Infection

I just visited my OB this morning for my prenatal check up and detailed anomaly scan. It’s so nice to see my baby inside my womb. I got to see his face, heart, spine, kidney, hands and feet as well as his balls. It was good to know that everything was normal in him. Husband and I was actually a bit worried about his development since I got (a suspected) mild German measles at 12 weeks of my pregnancy. We are really thankful that there was nothing abnormal seen in the scan. He is now 27 weeks and 5 days old.

On the other hand, my urinalysis result showed that my urinary track is infected. I was not expecting this since I dot feel any symptoms of having a urinary track infection. Anyways, I am under medication and in few days I’ll get better. (I don’t really feel sick at all).

So what should we do to avoid urinary track infection? Aside from drinking plenty of water, proper hygiene plays a big role in preventing urinary track infection. It is important that you keep your genital area clean. Use mild soap and water when cleaning. Try avoiding harsh feminine hygiene products that might irritate your genital. Also wipe yourself from front to back after bowel movement to avoid bacteria from stool from getting in your genital. Aside from that, never hold the urge to pee and if possible drink coconut and cranberry juices.

Preventing UTI (pregnant or not) is important to avoid developing bladder and kidney infections that might be a threat to your health. It’s really a pain in the ass being sick nowadays. So don’t ignore symptoms of health disorder. Pay attention to it in the end you’ll be thankful you listened. Health is wealth and so let us all give importance to our health.

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4 Responses to Ways to Avoid Urinary Track Infection

  1. BlogGirl says:

    Thank God di ko pa na eexperience ang UTI and wag naman sana. ;)) Good luck sa baby mo. <3

  2. arcee says:

    oh, it’s so common among preggy women to acquire UTI…take extra care:) btw, allow me to say thank you for everything, pls visit my blog about it:

  3. uti says:

    better to use herb for uti problem, that is good to your body if consume longterm

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