The Little One Shopping

After attending the church service yesterday, we drop by the super market to buy some groceries.


The little one at Church

Normally, we let the little one ride the cart while shopping.

Baby Z onboard the cart

But yesterday, we let him walk freely at the supermarket and look how excited he was upon entering the supermarket. He immediately grabbed his favorites, banana, orange and apple. He even dropped some of them in the floor.


And just when we stopped him from grabbing the fruits, he saw this.

and that…




Perhaps he enjoyed the shopping, and maybe next time he’ll grab more goods for him. LoL! That was really fun baby!

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3 Responses to The Little One Shopping

  1. Gene says:

    Hahaha! Ganyan din si Una, gala ng gala tapos kung anong makita, gusto kunin. takaw mata talaga. Pero at least ngayon na-ba-bribe namin ng apples or oranges. Depende sa gusto niya, siya pipili ng apple at maglalagay sa plastic bag. tapos sabihin namin siya maghawak para feel na feel niyang mag-shopping.

  2. zanty says:

    wow baby ang dami mo na pinamili…. miss you baby!!

  3. Myla says:

    That was cute pogi!!! getting bigger day by day!!! ^__^

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