From KL with Love Giveaway Winner

I would like to thank all those who join my Giveaway. I am glad to announce the winner of “from KL with Love Giveaway.” I have only 37 participants and I have use to choose the winner. And the winner is none other than Jadeingua from My Thoughts in Letters. Congrats Jadeingua!

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9 Responses to From KL with Love Giveaway Winner

  1. zoan says:

    whew. congrats jade:)

  2. Jadeingua says:


    My very first time to win, and I’m delighted!
    Thanks Sis! Welcome back to Pinas! Enjoy your vacation, if nandtio pa kayo ng april 2, invite ko kayo sa birthday ng baby ko ha, I also invited Big Z’s sister eh, kumare ko yun, hope to see you!

  3. krizzyla says:

    WOw! congrats, I should have joined the contest. I missed it, so when will be the next contest please alarm me I would like to participate too.

  4. halojin says:

    Congrats po! Sana naka join ako sa contest ^_^

  5. Mama Mia says:

    Congratulations for holding an obviously very successful giveaway, Momsicle! More power to you and your blog!

  6. Nonoy says:

    I should have joined the contest. 🙂 Congrats to the winner. ! Blog on! 🙂

  7. arvel says:

    wow… congrats.! hiihii..

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