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Baby Z’s 2nd Month

While our Chinese friends celebrates their New Year, we at home celebrates our little one’s 2nd month with a simple lunch. Our little one is getting bigger; he gained 1kg from his last months 4.3kg and is able to make responses sometimes. So happy with this little milestone and definitely will be counting. Gong Xi Fat Chai to all our Chinese friends and happy 2nd monthsary Baby Z!  
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Flashback Twenty Ten

Mommy Rubz of pinaymommyonline is hosting a thanksgiving giveaway. The theme is all about the things that you are thankful for from last year, right now or anything as long as you are thankful for it. So, while I desire for a fruitful twenty eleven for me and my family, there’s a lot of things that I should be thankful for the year that have passed. And I am writing this as entry to mommy rubz thanksgiving giveaway. To start with, I am thankful with our newly acquired 2 bedroom condominium unit at Bali Oasis. This is our first investment a year after we get married. We haven’t touched its interior yet, but we have successfully rented it out barely. Early in 2009 just a

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Just Beautiful Week 1

Momsicle is joining a photo meme Just Beautiful hosted by mommy trish’s Thoghts online. My launching entry is the sunset photo that I took early last year when I was just starting to get hook with photography. I just love sunset and I felt so lucky to capture this lovely couple while enjoying the scene. And since it’s the love month, I thought this picture is sensible enough for this meme.If you wanna join and share your Just Beautiful photos, just click the badge at the top of this post and post your entry.
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