How to Claim Word Press Blog in Alexa

Recently I have moved this blog, from blogger to wordpress platform with a custom domain. I have notice that my alexa rank is still showing the ranking of my old blogger blog. I then figured out that I need to add my new domain on my alexa account and have it claimed in order to track my ranking.

So, here’s a short tutorial on how to claim your wordpress blog in alexa.
Log in to your Alexa account. Under your account, select your sites and then click add.

Then you will be directed to claim your site page. Just add your URL and click claim your site.

Then choose option number 2. This will show alexa that you can upload contents to that URL, for you to be able to claim your site. Copy the meta tag given to your blog’s homepage.

To add your meta tag to your homepage, just log in to your wordpress account. On your dashboard, go to appearance and select editor. Then select Header (header.php) and paste the code and finally hit update file.

Go back to your Alexa account and then click verify my meta tag. You will then be prompted to a message telling you that you have sucessfully claimed your blog.

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9 Responses to How to Claim Word Press Blog in Alexa

  1. song says:

    nice info sobat,, ^_^

  2. Eduard says:

    Nice post, really helped me out. I pasted the code just above the tag.

  3. Finally someone told me how to do it properly! Been trying for ages. Thanks so much!

  4. Vita cyvita says:

    I want to thank the writter of this post. The post unique i love it. Please how do i certify my site please.

  5. Entrepreneur says:

    Thanks for providing such a useful post easy to follow the instructions.

  6. alexis says:

    yay it worked!

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