In my attempt of doing things my way, I finally got to a realization that I really can’t make it out of my own strength alone. I have been trying hard to escape a circumstance something that the enemy has delivered. And the more I press on my own strength battling, the more I get tired and exhausted. It was when I felt like my mind was going to blow out that I get to my saturation point that I “Surrendered”it to Him.

Surrender is yielding to the power or control of another upon demand. Having no one to talk to on a midnight, I realize that it is God alone that I cannot run. I remember a preacher said, “go to throne, not on the phone”. We have a big God, who has a big heart whom we can always call on, yield on…we may not see Him but we can definitely feel His presence. We all have the privilege to experience God in a very personal way.

Going to the “throne” and surrendering is one of the best thing to do during storms in life. Many times we fail in our own ways and strength, but if we go to the “throne” and let the one Seated on the Throne do his will, we can never go wrong. It is only by acknowledging and believing in God’s power that I was able to overcome such circumstances. Psalms 27 says,

The Lord is my light and my salvation; Whom shall I fear? The Lord is the strength of my life; Of whom shall I be afraid? When the wicked came against me To eat up my flesh, My enemies and foes, They stumbled and fell. Though an army may encamp against me, My heart shall not fear; Though war may rise against me, In this I will be confident.

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Class Suspension Guidelines

Here comes the rainy season again. It irks me to have the little boy go out in the rain (of course with rain coat and umbrella) to get to school. Having school year opening in time with rainy season is soo inconvenient.

As we are anticipating the arrival of tphoon glenda, I was glad that DepEd has suspended classes earlier than expected. So the little boy had extended time on the bed this morning. I had to keep myself updated as i am not too familiar with the classes suspension being a first time mom of a preschooler. Thank goodness the social media kept me updated and gotten me this suspension guidelines from dep ed.

 photo 1910502_728793690513661_7661598114593316237_n_zpse2c91549.png

Stay safe everone!

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Uniform on the Second Day!

I did not let him wear the uniform on the first day, but since most of his classmates were on uniforms on the first day, he went to the school in complete uniform on the second day.

 photo 10373990_10152085542987026_6756566903179989585_n_zps18192bc1.jpg

OMG he really is a school boy now! He was well and had not separation anxiety which is a good sign. I hope he will do well at school.

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Zoe’s First Day of School

And so here comes the first day of school for the little man. Officially a nursery student at 3 and 6 months old.
 photo 10407420_10152082997042026_8387078592666636311_n_zps466aebec.jpg

A week before the classes start he knew that he’s going to school in a few days. I didn’t know if he got a glimpse of what school is, but we’re telling him that he’s gonna play, learn to read and write and meet new friends. He’s been to our church’s Sunday school so I guess he will have a little idea about what school is.

He was not the only one excited for this milestone but mom and dad and the little bro were as excited as him. Look at Zian, he’s ready to go as well with his stuff.

 photo 10411274_10152082997017026_378260297697817612_n_zps935c4d67.jpg

They were 10 student in the class, and on the first day, we get to sit-in as there were parents orientation. The little man was a bit shy, the little bro was even more excited upon entering the room. Look at them, they’re growing to be partners in crime.

 photo 10441400_10152082997447026_2881291578783647783_n_zps259925a8.jpg

 photo 10464386_10152082997932026_7692297714358783734_n_zps50004eb3.jpg

He got a little bored during the orientation, he wanted to sleep, wants to go home and later on peed and pooped. But when the teacher ask them to color something he got back into good frame.

 photo 1908039_10152082998047026_6671864822634272234_n_zpsb1383ef6.jpg

And then later, the gave the students specially the new ones a warm welcome. They have invited the famous bee in the town, Jolibee as they kick off school year 2014-2015.

 photo 10447867_10152082998602026_559377024564963815_n_zpsa3a3967e.jpg

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Getting Ready for School

Time really does fly. Our eldest Zoe will be attending school this school year as nursery. He is not enthusiastic about it, as he keeps on telling us that he doesn’t like to go to school. But I guess he will soon be in to it.

He is officially enrolled, and yesterday, together with the soon school boy, we bought supplies that he’ll need in school. There was quite a long list and tagging along the little one on a rush school supply shopping was not a good idea at all. He fell asleep while shopping good thing I was able to grab a cart so he took a nap while leaning on my left shoulder and I push  him while I grab supplies with my right hand.
It was my first school supply shopping for my kids and like what most moms said, it was tiring especially if it’s kinda last minute shopping. It is always to be ahead where bookstore and department store are not jam-packed. Also if you are not a working mom, don’t dare to shop on weekend’s better do it on weekdays I’m sure it’s not as crowded as weekends. So, as I first time mom of preschooler, I learned my lesson.

I am getting excited for Zoe’s first day of school. I wonder how would he be at class, I hope there would be no separation anxiety for the little one.

 photo 20140608_2205051_zps1117e2d5.jpg

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Fun at Manila Ocean Park

I was browsing my posts and found out that I haven’t blogged about our visit to Manila Ocean Park. The trip deserve a post and so here it is.

It was sometime in January 2014, few days before husband flew back to work place when we visited Manila Ocean Park. It was all our first visit at the MOP. Yah, I know this is a very late post, but as we know, late is better than never.

 photo DSC_6633_zps5628f98d.jpg

The boys especially our eldest Zoe was excited when he found out he’s going to see shark. He was really looking forward to it that he got bored during the bird show which was our first stop. He turned his back from the birds, took his dad’s phone and played instead.

 photo DSC_6621_zps4c4d4bb1.jpg

 photo DSC_6629_zps8b72f24b.jpg

After we had our lunch, we visited the Aquatica to finally see the shark. Although we didn’t had a good photo because of the overwhelming crowd the boys enjoyed seeing the shark.

 photo DSC_6657_zps58a1ed57.jpg

 photo DSC_6666_zps2e2a83c5.jpg

And then the sea lion show, which we all loved. I personally enjoyed it morethan the little ones. The sea lions where smart (though we know they’re trained) they’ve got the awestruck power in me. (hindi masyadong halata na first time).

 photo DSC_6693_zpsf38d367b.jpg

 photo DSC_6695_zps83f230a8.jpg

“Mommy it was fun!” our eldest Zoe told me while we were boarding the cab. It was good knowing he enjoyed it. Manila Ocean Park is a great family activity destination in Manila. Visit their website for more information.

 photo DSC_6708_zpsa1c90f4b.jpg

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A Pet and My Boys?

It’s been three years since our sweet and zippy Mojo left us due to skin disease. After his passing we choose not to get another pet which made us miss him more. I miss playing with him and shopping for his food and stuff. Just this afternoon while browsing the net, I saw a cute dog collar at EntirelyPets. That made me miss him more. If Mojo is still with us, I would have them delivered to our door step. :(

Ohh…wondering how my boys would be if we have pet in the house. Will they be a good master? Soon enough they’ll be ready to have one. I just hope we could still afford to have a pet since they’ll be both schooling by that time.

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Celebrate Mother’s Day at Solaire: Choose from discounted room packages and dinner set menu

 photo Untitled_zpsc66fc677.png

Mothers know best. But this time, Solaire has thought of the best for the special women in our lives. From the special discounted rates in the ultimate family staycation to the exquisite set menus in our fine dining establishments, we’ve made sure that this will be one unforgettable Mother’s Day.

Bring the entire family this ‘Mother’s Day weekend’ and stay in one of our luxurious suites with discounted rates. Under the Summer Family Getaway packages, our rooms go as low as PhP6,000++ for Deluxe Room Cityview and PhP7,000++ for the Deluxe Room Bayview. The special rates are also available in Grand Deluxe Cityview (PhP8,000++), Grand Deluxe Bayview (PhP9,000++) and 2-Bay Suite (PhP12,000).

Our amazing staycation packages come with an impeccable buffet breakfast for two adults and two kids age 6 years and below. For kids who are 7 to 12 years old, we offer a 50% dining discount. Your stay also includes a free use of the swimming pool and the fitness center. To test your luck, the package comes with PhP500 worth of gaming credits.

If you opt to celebrate mom’s special day with a lavish dinner, we have prepared delectable set menus in Fresh, Yakumi, Finestra, Red Lantern and Strip. Everyone in the family can enjoy our mini pizza creation of the day (Roasted Branzino in potato crust, Versuvio tomatoes, white wine and Gamberoni), Pasta Carbonara in rich and creamy sauce with pancetta bacon, Limon Cello lemon and Chicken Parmigiano at our Italian restaurant Finestra.

For the lovers of Japanese cuisine, meanwhile, we offer a special menu that includes Gyuniku Tataki (Seared beef strip loin with onion dressing and micro herbs), Yakumi Sushi and sashimi sampler, Lobster mini soup, Ebi tempura, Chilean Seabass teriyaki and Steamed Japanese style egg custard with foie gras.

Red Lantern also offers a sumptuous set menu for those who prefer Chinese dishes. The family can feast on Hand rolled Beijing duck, Pumpkin soup with seafood and white fungus, Deep fried crispy shrimps with sweet mayonnaise, Wok fried prime beef black pepper sauce, Steamed sliced fish with Tofu in black bean sauce, the seasons best vegetables with oyster sauce, and Braised noodles with spring onions and ginger sesame oil.

Steak house Strip also offers a Mother’s Day menu consisting of Green Pea sphere and crisp ham; Tomato salad dried olive oil and goat’s cheese; Foie gras crumble mousse with candied fruit and nut; Seared tuna blood orange sponge, watermelon and labuyo chili crust; Pork belly beer braised and tomato relish; Smoked Angus beef and Caramel Sand torch banana.

All of our set menus are priced at PhP1,900 and all come with the Solaire Mother’s Day creation, the Caramel cheesecake with red berries and white chocolate silk. If you want to go all –out however, our buffet outlet Fresh is ready with Lechon (Charcoal grilled suckling pig), Roasted prime rib of ‘Gold Label’ prime beef, Brioche baked whole salmon Coulibiac, seafood delights and a long list of desserts which include tarts, cupcakes, cookies, parfaits, doughnuts, puddings and cakes.

May it be the ultimate staycation or a gastronomic adventure in one of our first-class restaurants, Mother’s Day at Solaire is definitely a great bonding opportunity for the entire family.

For reservations, call 888 8888 or log on to for more details. 

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Anxiety Attacks

The past weeks, I have been worrying a lot. It’s my health that caused me to worry a lot. Waking up at wee hours with arms & legs numb, difficulty in breathing and palpitation at times. I am so afraid of getting sick because I have 2 boys who are still very dependent on me. They’re still toddlers.

Going through this anxiety, I realized that God was working out an attitude for me. I woke up in the middle of my sleep with my arm numbed and had difficulty of breathing. I prayed that God would help and heal me. I tried going back to sleep but my head can’t let go of the fear; thinking this might be something serious, so I get up again, grabbed the tablet and found myself googling. When I found out that what was happening in my body was quite normal, that even healthy people might experience, I get a relief and was able to get back to sleep.

The following morning, recalling of what had happened, I realize that I don’t fully trust God. The fact that the information I got from the internet has calmed my winding mind rather than trusting that God will answer my prayer proves it. It was then supported by a testimony of a friend who went thru a successful thyroid operation and later on finding out that she has stage 1 cancer of the thyroid. She was not worried at all, for according to her, he surrendered everything to God. She doesn’t look sick and worried she was happy and glowing despite her sickness. I realized that God was telling me to step forward and level up my faith in Him. God is working on me and building the foundation of my faith because faith alone comes from Him.

I am learning to trust Him everyday. Learning total surrender, but I know I still got a long way; I believe God is at work and I am a work in progress. I am lifting up everything to Him and trusting that He will settle everything for me. Thank you Lord!

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Online Furniture Shopping

I remember how hard it was, scouting and finally purchasing furniture’s for our tiny abode. We have to go from one furniture shop to the other in order to find quality yet affordable furniture’s. It took time and effort before we finally settled for the perfect choice.

If you want to escape the hassle of hopping from one store to another online furniture shopping is worth a try. It’s easier and it’ll be an easy task. Now you can find everything online, from sofa set, coffee table, bed frames to dining tables and even find faux burlap tablecloths.

 photo images_zps9a71c9c8.jpg
Isn’t it a great idea shopping at the comfort of your home? Going online will give you more options as most furniture shop nowadays has their website. They provide detailed specification of the product as well as their prices. It is definitely less stress with ample time to find what you are looking for. So whether you are shopping for your brand new house or simply replacing old furniture, consider online shopping today.

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