And the little pre schooler ranked third

Had I not checked Zoe’s assignment notebook “early” today I would not know that it was distribution of their grades today from 8:00-10:00AM. Good thing his school is just 10 minutes walk away from our place.

And here comes the surprise!

 photo 3_zps66aa3af8.jpg

Our son ranked third in the whole nursery level. I didn’t expect that he would get the third spot since he only ranked seventh in the first quarter. That seventh place challenged me to give more time on Zoe’s studies so he could maintain his grades. But being a working mom, I hardly get a time to teach him, only during periodical exam. And so I am very happy and proud of this achievement. For despite my shortcoming, he improved and got the third spot. Thank you to my sister Aina and our yayabel ate mariet for helping Zoe with his assignment when I wasn’t able. Above all I am thanking God for blessing our son Zoe with intelligence.

Congratulation Zoe and thank you Lord God!

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The little Japanese

United Nations is celebrated on October and Dee Hwa Leong Academy just celebrated it last friday.

Zoe was a Japanesse kid. This was remarkable for me, since this is the first school activity that I get him to dance on the stage for their class presentation without a fuss. There were two major school activity that the little pre schooler did not went up the stage for their class presentation. That’s why I was happy this time seeing him excited for their presentation.

I took a video of the dance presentation however the file is huge and I am having a hard time uploading it in any social media & storage site so I will not be able to share it here.

 photo 10655321_10152350370222026_6180134961109249129_o_zpsbccc6721.jpg

My little Japanese with the little bro.

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Review | Vzone Trimmer & Shaver by pH Care

Practicing a good personal hygiene helps us to feel good and be confident about ourselves. Good personal hygiene includes proper grooming of our bikini area. It keeps our intimate area neat, reduces unwanted odor and helps prevent infection.

Now, let me introduce you to Unilab’s new product called VZone by PH Care. It is a line intimate grooming essentials specially designed for the delicate bikini area.

Vzone® by pH Care® Bikini Trimmer 

 photo DSC_7403_zps1222579b.jpg

 photo DSC_7406_zps241410c7.jpg

The Bikini Trimmer has rounded tips to help prevent accidental cuts and shorter handle for better control.

Vzone® by pH Care® Bikini Shaver 

 photo DSC_7414_zpsfe8327d0.jpg

 photo DSC_7405_zpse02503d9.jpg

VZone’s bikini shaver has comb design with protective skin guard to minimize irritation. It has mini-blade which is only 5/8″ wide to reach delicate bikini area plus an easy grip handle design for better control. It has also soothing aloe vera moisture strips.

My Thoughts:

I like that the bikini trimmer has rounded tips for safety purpose. The short handle is not just for control but also made it very handy. And the soft pink color defined it as a girl must have.

For the bikini shaver, I really like the 5/8″ wide blade. Now I can reach the delicate areas that were out of reach by my previous shaver. The Comb design with a protective skin guard not just minimize irritation, but also helps avoid cuts. And the thing that I like the most is the soothing aloe vera, moisture strips to keep the skin moisturized.

This two is definitely a girl’s must have. It is very handy so it can go with your hygiene kit anywhere you go.

You can grab Vzone Trimmer & Razor at your nearest Mercury Drugstore, Watsons, 7-Eleven and  Rustans  and  Robinsons Supermarkets  at a very affordable price.  The trimmer is only PhP49.00 and  PhP P99 for 3 pcs shavers.


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A Good Start

Even before we enrolled him at school, I have noticed my son’s interest in studying. But children are children. We normally have grumbling moment during study time at home that will eventually lead to unfinished assignments. At school, separation anxiety kicks off two weeks after the start of classes. And I get frustrated when he felt that same anxiety during his third month in school.

Though he would go home with stars sometimes, I never expected that Zoe will be one of the top 10 students of nursery level. He ranked seventh for the whole nursery level and fourth in their class. While it is normal to feel proud as parent, his achievement became a challenge for me to improve my way of motivation and guidance so he learns to love studying.

 photo 3e0bf1bf-374c-474e-afd4-2866bd3ad689_zpsa341775f.jpg
This is really a good start for our little man. I am not expecting too much from him this early but I certainly hope for his best. Praying for continues guidance from the omniscient God Jesus Christ.


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Chinese 101

Our son Zoe is studying at a Chinese school. Our family has no trace of Chinese blood, it’s just that this school happened to be so close to our place maybe around 5-10 minutes walk. That’s the very reason why we chose to send him to that school.

Before enrolling, I thought of how am I gonna teach him about Chinese subject since I know nothing about Chinese language. I’ve asked friends whose kids are also going to Chinese schools and they’re common answers are “hindi ko sya tinuturuan. Ako ang tinuturuan nya.” Well, that’s true, that thing also happened to me. My son was teaching me how to count in Chinese and I don’t want that to happen always.

Well I don’t have to fret because with our technology today, you can find almost everything over the net you just have to be resourceful. Thank God is there to help me out. I’m glad there are lots of basic Chinese language tutorial available in youtube so my son and I has an online Chinese guru and we are learning together. This is so far the most accessible resource for us.

Currently he knew few Chinese words and recently been practicing to write Chinese character.

 photo d10ecb8b-02e1-4c3b-bbd9-76e6e59da117_zpsc8a27368.jpg

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Oh Hello Dentist!

The boys visited the dentist last week. It was Zoe’s second time and Zian’s first visit to the dentist. Zoe was 2 years old during his first visit and it was unsuccessful. Perhaps he was not that prepared since I started introducing him to the dentist a week before our visit.  At that time some of his teeth were already cavitated.  The pedia-dentist advised me to undergo sedation if ever we would go for a treatment. The dentist was very good in educating me about the procedure, however I don’t want my kid to be sedated. Aside from the expensive cost of the procedure, I am not sure if there are underlying side effects of sedation.

And then little over six months after the first visit, I brought him again to the same dentist with the little bro. This time was totally opposite from his first visit. I guess he absorbed our preparation. I let them watch dentist visits stories from dora and peppa pig. He was cooperating with the dentist, although I have to sit with him on the dental chair. And so he got his flouride with varnish which is good for 3 months.

 photo image_zps13da88e9.jpg

Zian on the other hand was exactly the same with his Kuya’s first visit. Although he was not afraid to sit on the dental chair, he was screaming while the dentist checks on his teeth. We have to force him, locking his legs and arms with mine during the whole procedure. It took a little while, I almost gave up…naawa na ako eh. But Dr. Carmina  went on and was able to apply the flouride with varnish.

 photo image_zps47aed09a.jpg
I hope they’ll be better the next time we visit the dentist. Continue reading

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The Happy & Sad Face



 photo 2014-07-15161107_zpsaf4c1294.jpg

The Sad Face

 photo 2014-07-15161124_zps969cd52a.jpg

 The Happy Face

 Hubby send me these images he captured while talking with the kids on skype. Our eldest Zoe came up with a little creative idea showing his  dad happy & sad faces out of his thomas & friends rail tracks and stack rings. I just find it brilliant for a 3 year old.


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In my attempt of doing things my way, I finally got to a realization that I really can’t make it out of my own strength alone. I have been trying hard to escape a circumstance something that the enemy has delivered. And the more I press on my own strength battling, the more I get tired and exhausted. It was when I felt like my mind was going to blow out that I get to my saturation point that I “Surrendered”it to Him.

Surrender is yielding to the power or control of another upon demand. Having no one to talk to on a midnight, I realize that it is God alone that I cannot run. I remember a preacher said, “go to throne, not on the phone”. We have a big God, who has a big heart whom we can always call on, yield on…we may not see Him but we can definitely feel His presence. We all have the privilege to experience God in a very personal way.

Going to the “throne” and surrendering is one of the best thing to do during storms in life. Many times we fail in our own ways and strength, but if we go to the “throne” and let the one Seated on the Throne do his will, we can never go wrong. It is only by acknowledging and believing in God’s power that I was able to overcome such circumstances. Psalms 27 says,

The Lord is my light and my salvation; Whom shall I fear? The Lord is the strength of my life; Of whom shall I be afraid? When the wicked came against me To eat up my flesh, My enemies and foes, They stumbled and fell. Though an army may encamp against me, My heart shall not fear; Though war may rise against me, In this I will be confident.

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Class Suspension Guidelines

Here comes the rainy season again. It irks me to have the little boy go out in the rain (of course with rain coat and umbrella) to get to school. Having school year opening in time with rainy season is soo inconvenient.

As we are anticipating the arrival of tphoon glenda, I was glad that DepEd has suspended classes earlier than expected. So the little boy had extended time on the bed this morning. I had to keep myself updated as i am not too familiar with the classes suspension being a first time mom of a preschooler. Thank goodness the social media kept me updated and gotten me this suspension guidelines from dep ed.

 photo 1910502_728793690513661_7661598114593316237_n_zpse2c91549.png

Stay safe everone!

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Uniform on the Second Day!

I did not let him wear the uniform on the first day, but since most of his classmates were on uniforms on the first day, he went to the school in complete uniform on the second day.

 photo 10373990_10152085542987026_6756566903179989585_n_zps18192bc1.jpg

OMG he really is a school boy now! He was well and had not separation anxiety which is a good sign. I hope he will do well at school.

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