The Passover

While on the cab last sunday morning on the way to church for Sunday service, the Passover came to my mind, and then I was trying to recall a little knowledge about the matter. But since I was with my kids, I was'nt able to do so, I think I need stillness to do that. I didn't know why it suddenly hit my mind in the middle of conversations about cranes, bridges and buildings. You know boys. Later did I know that the message last sunday was all about the 10th plague which is the Plague of the First born or the passing of the angel of death - The Passover. I was really surprise. If I couldn't recall that little knowledge, probably because I heard it

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Only By Grace

photo fr But because of his great love for us, God, who is rich in mercy, made us alive with Christ even when we were dead in transgressions -- it is by grace you have been saved.(Ephesians 2:4-5) For if it not have been for Your Son, who is blameless, who took the penalty of my transgressions, I would not be who I am today. I will always be in awe to You my God my King! Thank you for the forgiveness, and for loving me first.

The Piggy Back Ride

Lets transport back to the time when we were kids and your dad gave you a piggy back ride so you can see a parade or a performance on the stage because you are not so tall for you to see that. I guess most of us had that piece of childhood memory. On the other hand, our son Zian was not watching a parade or a performance, he simply want a piggy back ride while we are heading home from Zoe's school. The picture caught me once again after browsing my stack image on my phone. This is just a cool father and son bonding that's why it lands on this page.

My Singapore Food Street for Noodle & Dimsum Cravings

I was craving for noodle and dim sum last weekend. I just miss the taste of Chinese food back in KL. I was hoping to eat authentic dim sum at a reasonable price. So walking on the isle of Megamall, I thought of MannHann restaurant. But there was a long queue, so I opted for My Singapore Street Food located onthe 2nd Level, Bridgeway, of SM Megamall. When I walk in, there are quite a number of unoccupied tables. The restaurant is quite big with a little Singaporean vibe.I have to say that I was expecting too much when I walked in for I've been craving for dimsum and noodles for quite few days. There was no queue at the order counter and my food was served

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Is my boy stage fright?

I saw Zoe dancing while singing ohhh...ohhh...ohhh (in the tune of lady gaga's roar). I asked him who taught him and he replied it's teacher Joy. I remember there was a letter from their school informing parents about the upcoming foundation week. So I figured it might be a presentation for that said event. I went searching for the song on youtube and played it and he was smiling upon hearing the song so I asked him to dance for me. After that, he has been practicing at home almost every night. And then the big day came. I remember how excited he was, he even reminded me to not go to work because I'll be going with him to the school to watch him

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I Got Note

The little man saw a notepad on my desk while we were reviewing for their final exam. Then he asked me to stop for a while as he has something to write for me. While he requested me to spell the word he writes it on the notepad... And I got my first sweet note from my preschooler...He was baffled as to why the word "mommy" ends with "Y" and so I gave him an "I" instead...

Parenting A Sensitive Toddler

Our youngest Zian is naturally cheerful. He made us laugh most of the time. But, you'll hear him shrieked whenever his brother took his favorite toy, burst into tears whenever I said no, and sulk whenever I scold him. Sometimes we will just see his tears rolling on his cheeks just because someone did not pay attention to him. There was even a time that he refused to sleep with me after scolding & spanking him. . He's way too sensitive and obviously, I'm a bit lost on how to handle my son's emotions. Yesterday, he shrieked when I refused to let him drink a chocolate drink early in the morning. I let him feel his emotion for a while, after all I have chores to finish.

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My Version | Squash Fillet Recipe

It seems that our boys are becomming picky eaters especially our youngest Zian. I noticed that his appitete boosts whenever I served processed food. Though I seldom serve it on our meals (except for the classic hotdog & chicken nuggets), I don't want my kids to endulge on unhealthy food. And that is why I am trying to expand my short recipe list in order to serve nutritious food to my family. I discover this kid friendly recipe from an officemate whom I shared lunch with. While I was tasting her mom's squash fillet, in my mind, I thought of  my boys...perhaps they'll like it. Of course I did not let our lunch end without asking her how her mom made her nutritious baon. I

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Women’s free ride on Women’s Day

I was in LRT line 1 on my way home after visiting a wake. I was about to purchase my ticket when I heard the security guard shouting "mga babae wag ng bumili ng ticket". Then I saw employees entrance gate open & women are entering the station through it. While passing through, I asked the guard why is this so? He replied it's women's day and then few minutes after entering the platform, announcement were made. It's International Women's week and the LRT management were celebrating it by giving a free ride to all women from 5:00-7:00pm in both Lines 1 & 2. Wow that's so generous. I seldom get a free ride from a public transport. I can see smiles through many women's

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UAE School Hunting

For the past few weeks, we have been preparing for our "big move" to Dubai to be with my husband. We have been praying for our family to be together and we are glad that God is slowly showing us a preview to soon be answered prayer. photo from   Part of this preparation is hunting for a preschool for our eldest Zoe. I have been thankful that I have access to internet since most schools in the UAE has its website. Also, KHDA's (Knowledge & Human Dev't Authority) 2014 school ranking is really of big help. As expected, tuition fees are expensive and I didn't expect that school registration starts very early. Currently, I have been on a virtual tour

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Am I A Monster Mom?

Watching our children growing is undeniably one of the best thing parents loves to do. Having two toddlers at home, seeing the happy moments up to their melt downs, are both heartwarming and disheartening. Over the time I have been filled with both heartwarming and disheartening moments from our two boys. How I wish it could only be heartwarming moments, but you know, disheartening moments are inevitable and it often happens in our house now but not for a long time as I remember. Rumblings, fighting up to melt down, has been a common scenario. And so, I thought that our parenting style should be changed. Early in my parenting journey, I don't want to enforce spanking. I was the type of mom, who lose heart

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The Lord is Good

At this time, I hardly get the kids to pray before sleeping and so, I thought of doing memory verses with our eldest Zoe as another way of introducing God to our little ones. I was glad he was okay with it, except that I have to bribe him with a prize in order for him to properly recite the verse. We started with 4-6 sentences verses to make it light for him. I picked out Psalm 145:9 The Lord is good to all! as his first memory verse. Our youngest Zian, who is only 2 years old also tried to memorize the verse in his own little "language". God by nature is good and the evidence of his goodness is evident in His creation and triumphs.

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Hillsong Worship|No Other Name Concert in Manila 2015

Did you missed last year's Hillsong United concert? Ticket was quickly sold out and they had to open another night for their Zion album tour concert here in the Philippines. This year, don't dare miss it again, as the Hillsong Worship will once again visit the Philippines this coming April 10 for "No Other Name" album tour. This time they will be leading the worship at the Mall of Asia Arena, at  8:00 in the evening. photo from Becca Music Phil I just got our ticket for this awesome worship event. I just love worshiping our God with this people, this is my fourth Hillsong Worship experience and I thank God for this opportunity. Hoping for another meaningful and uplifting worship

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Gratitude Journal for 2015

Happy New Year Everyone! I am hoping and trusting that everyone will have a fruitful year ahead. Setting up few goals for this year for me and my family, one of which is to increase my drive to self improvement both at work and as a mom & wife. I have also decided to boldly count my blessings this year and so I am turning my SB Planner to a Gratitude Journal to archive every thing that I am thankful for. So, how do you see 2015? Have you got your list of goals for the new year?  

Sixth and Counting.

Six years ago, I took Mr. Z to be my partner for life and promised to give him my heart and walk with him hand in hand living, learning and growing in love together. I am so glad that we are celebrating our sixth years wedding anniversary and what makes it more special is that he is here with me to celebrate this memorable occassion. He works overseas that's why being home for our sixth is such a big deal. The past six years may not be a bed of roses, but I am glad that we have passed through rocks together. I know there are more to come, and I pray that as we sail through and learn life better our love triangle with

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